Monday, March 19, 2007


Hi everyone!

Welcome to our blog. We're entering the home stretch of our adoption journey to bring Caleb home so I thought I'd create a place where everyone who wanted to could follow along. As most of you know, our paperwork is in China and we are just waiting patiently (or not!) for that all important Travel Approval (TA). Which we are hoping to get in a month or two. After that, it's four to six short weeks, and Caleb here we come!

When we started this journey we thought we'd be in China in March. Obviously that's not going to happen! Then we pushed it back to May. Now I'm guessing June which will put us at almost a year since we started the process. With Grace it only took eight months. At the time that seemed forever but now eight months is sounding pretty good!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy following along with us and I will try to update the blog regularly. Although with a four year old and three year old running around, it might not be too easy!