Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rocky Roads..

This is officially my gripe post! I'm outnumbered by kids who are driving me crazy!! As you can see I haven't updated the blog in a while. That's because all of my time is spent refereeing between Zach and Caleb. They do NOT get along at all. It's 8:30 in the morning and already I've had to take away toys, give time outs and separate them more times than I can count. Right now Caleb is face down on the floor screaming (again) because I took a toy away. This kid screams more than anyone I've ever met. Zach stands next to him. He screams. Zach looks at him. He screams. I walk from the family room to the kitchen. You guessed it, he screams. Not just once or twice, but face on the floor, top of his lungs, ear piercing wails. I'm about ready to pull my hair out.

Of course, Zach isn't much better. He spends his days deliberately getting in Caleb's face and doing things he knows will set Caleb off. Then of course he turns to me and says, "I'm not doing anything." Even though I just saw him run up to Caleb and take his ball, jump rope, car, whatever. Sigh. Why did I think this was a good idea? I know in six months everything will be better but boy, time sure crawls when you're surrounded by screaming kids. It's pretty bad when the autistic child is the best behaved.

We were scheduled to meet some adoption friends in Lexington in two weeks but we've had to cancel that. I just don't think Caleb is up to it. Plus Steve is putting in a lot of time at work. The past several nights he didn't get home until just before their bedtime. So I think the bottom line is I need a kid free zone! Or at least some kid free time...even thirty minutes...

It will get better...It will get better...


Friday, June 15, 2007

One month tomorrow

Tomorrow it will be one month since we met Caleb. In some ways it seems like he's been here forever (especially when he's screaming!) In other ways, it seems like just yesterday. I know we'll spend the rest of our lives feeling that way. I look back to March of 2003, when Zach was born, and then I look at this tall four-year-old and wonder where the time went.

Things are still going well, if not smoothly. Everyone is adjusting to each other. There's lots of screaming & crying going on! Seems like every time I turn around Zach is hitting Caleb, Caleb is biting Grace & Grace is pinching everyone! Arrg! It seems like the only time they aren't screaming is when they're sleeping or outside. Most of the day I just want to give myself a time out so that I can sit somewhere quiet!

Other than that, the only real issue we're having is sleep. Caleb is terrified to be without one of us at night. It's normal but hard. We have a mattress on the floor of the boys' room and Steve (bless him) has been sleeping in there with him. I did it the first few nights but my Crohn's has been acting up since we got home and going without sleep makes it worse. Luckily, Steve can sleep through anything! But the good thing is, there haven't been any more 2 am Walmart trips so things must be looking up!


Saturday, June 2, 2007

Finally Pictures!

Okay, so the sleeping didn't go so well after all. As I posted last time, we had everyone in bed and sleeping by 9:30 and thought we were in the clear. Alas, not to be. At 11:00 Caleb started screaming so I went in and slept with him until 2:00 when everyone was up for the day. That's right, 2 am with 3 kids under 5. What a party! So what did we do? What any American family does at 2 am when everyone's wide awake, we went to Walmart.

It's getting a little better but nights are still really hard for Caleb. He gets really scared (and who can blame him? Everyone he's ever loved has disappeared on him) so I've been sleeping in the boy's room and let me tell you, squeezing into a tiny bunk bed with a guard rail is not fun!

Bottom line is, we're all sleep deprived and grouchy. I'll be so glad when everyone's on U.S. time.

Anyway, what everyone's waiting for, pictures!