Friday, February 22, 2008

3rd time's a'd think

Okay, you'd think by the third adoption you'd have all of your paperwork together & ready to go before your first home study visit. Well, if you were thinking that about me, you'd be wrong! For Gracie and Caleb the paperwork was pretty easy. I had several copies of Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses, etc. This time, I don't have anything so everything is running behind.

For example, I mailed our I-600A (that's the form that the US requires for an international adoption) to Louisville several weeks ago. Well, I got it back with a letter saying I forgot to include birth certificates & marriage license. I had the birth certificates but no marriage license. So I had to order a new copy which meant waiting another week before sending the form back to Louisville. So we've lost another week. Aggh. We've only started and it seems like forever.

Then there's Caleb's certificate of foreign birth. I'm trying to file for it but we've lost his passport (either that or he's hidden it somewhere, he likes to take things, especially things with pictures and hide them in the bathroom cabinets, under his bed, in his pillow case, well, you get the picture. So without the passport and his entry stamp, I have to call and find out if we can use his Certificate of Citizenship. Now you'd think that would be okay, it has his name, it's issued by the US gov. and it has a picture of him on it. But it wasn't good enough for the Social Security Office when we went there for his card. Sigh.

The good thing is that I have done this before and I do know that it will all work out. It's just so slow.