Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The big news of the day

Is that Sarah (yes, we're calling her Sarah now - her choice) starts school on Thursday! Gulp! I think I'm as nervous as she is. Nah, just kidding, I'm ready to do cartwheels at the thought of having everyone in school! Actually, the truth is probably somewhere in between. Isn't that always the case?

Today we went to Walmart and got her school supplies and I couldn't help being a little jealous. I loved that time of the year when school started again. Of course, I wasn't starting in the middle of the semester, not even speaking the language, but even so, I loved buying new pencils, notebooks, all of the stuff for school. She picked out all kinds of cute folders and pencils with sparkly erasers. So she's got all the stuff, now she just has to get through that first day. We visited the school on Monday and talked with the principal and director of the ESL program. They were both wonderful and I think she'll have a really good experience there once she gets past the nerves.

As for how she's adjusting, now that we're past the jet lag, I have to say she's doing a great job. The food is still difficult and she has nightmares at times, but overall, she's doing so much better than I thought. We've had a few times where she was testing the boundaries, but nothing more than I expected. Our biggest problem right now is the language and I think being in school, around kids her age, will really help motivate her to study. Right now I try to point out things and say the English word, sometimes she'll repeat it, sometimes she shrugs and walks off (in what must be the universal teen-speak for "I am so over you.")

So tomorrow is her last day of sleeping in late and watching Tom and Jerry all day. Stay tuned for the Thursday update!


The Morgan Family said...

OH....Sarah must be filled with so many conflicting emotions! Please tell her that we're thinking of her on her first day of school and that we admire her for being such a brave girl! Let her know that Jade saw her photo on the blog today day and asked about her too :). Thinking of you guys...

Scott, Chris, Jade and Kai

Aus said...

So many different emotions - but yeah - kids everywhere are really the master of the shrug!

Looking forward to your update - and prayers for a super sucessful 'first day'!

hugs - aus and co.

Michele said...

I've been looking for an update to see how Sarah and your whole family is doing. I am so glad things are going well. Hurray for school, but I am sure you are both nervous.
Zachary (CHI Max list 16b)

Sharon said...

How is Sarah doing in school? My friend Shelli adopted an older girl. Her name is Sarah, too. I emailed her to ask about the translator they used to talk to her. I'll let you know what she says. She is one of my friends on Facebook if you'd like to contact her.


P.S. We need some new pics to look at y'all!